Today I went to get a copy of the Decree of Divorce of my parents.

It happens to be the only document that I have to procure from Pennsylvania. Also, it is the only document in which I had to retrieve in person, so it’s pretty convenient that the Westmoreland County Courthouse is only a 20 minute drive. Here is a pic of the Courthouse (it’s a beautiful building).

The downside is that the cost of a Decree of Divorce issued by the Prothonotary (I know, never heard of it either, it is the record office at the courthouse), was $20.00 per document. Fortunately though, no postage – I had to drive myself instead.

Total cost of this step: $20.00

Total cost so far: $174.13

And with that, all documents have been requested. I could technically order the Apostille for the PA document, but I might as well wait until everything has come in, and send all Apostilles out at once. Still, this is a major milestone, I have nothing to do but wait.