The folks at Tri-County ATV sure know how to throw a party. Since 2000, the group (which is sponsored by the local fire and rescue crew of Heilwood, PA) has owned/leased over 1000 acres with limitless trails get muddy on. Twice a year, they hold an open house and for a small fee, anyone can come get their machines in the mud.

My amigos Jake, Kurt, and I took the motorhome, and it was my first time towing major weight behind the Jayco. She seemed to love it.

We rode almost 40 miles in 24 hours, including a midnight run to the far side of the park where Kurt’s front tie-rod broke, and without tools or parts, we had to improvise. Kurt rode the whole thing home quite literally hanging off the side of his ATV, keeping traction on the only good steering wheel. Oh, did I mention that earlier in the day, the first (and last) time I had to use the RV’s fire extinguisher was to put out a fire on Kurt’s engine that happened during a quick field repair job? Poor dude had a rough weekend.

Still, we got some great riding and scenery in, and you can check out our track log below: