I got the invite to go hang out with my Blue Heron friends up in Canandaigua, and dropped in on their snowboarding event, the Sean Slayer Showdown. I really never tried a snowboard before, and it gave me some motivation to learn next year, but in the mean time, I shot some footage of the stunts they were doing, and was blown away by their dexterity and skill:

Even besides the spectacle, it was cool getting to catch up with my friends again. I usually only get to see the Rockcastle boys and the rest of the crowd at the festival, so I always get stoked when they plan a weekend. It’s always worth the drive up to the Finger Lakes; besides the great people, the area is full of scenery and history.

I was also surprised by a very clear night we had, so I took the chance to shoot some LTE photos and grabbed a few traces of the Milky Way in the process:


I also got to make a short little timelapse of the sky: