MD Certificate of No Records

MD Certificate of No Records

I received a brown envelope back from MD Vital Statistics yesterday. Unfortunately, where I had expected to see two beautiful copies of Rose’s death certificate, I found a measly piece of paper (albeit stamped and certified) claiming no records for the death of Rose.

Coincidentally, I was down at my grandmother’s house this weekend and had the opportunity to ask her about her mother’s death (specifically, where did it happen?). She told me that she died in her sleep at the West Virginia homestead. Yet another example of the difficulties caused by Ridgeley’s relationship to Cumberland. Little did I know, my grandmother had ‘the Sirna bible’ at her house. About 8 years ago, a member of the family had compiled a large binder of family trees, documents and photos. It had copies of several documents, including Rose’s death certificate.

Sure enough, Mineral County, West Virginia… *crap* 🙁

This is very frustrating because MD’s policy is no refunds. I can understand that someone has to go the trouble to look for records so it shouldn’t be free, but the disappointing aspect is that I ordered two copies (remember, I’m doing this whole process for my mother also.) They consumed the $20.00 check and sent me this stupid piece of paper. But at least I can be 100% positive that my information is correct now, so tomorrow, I will be sending a new request to West Virginia.

On a very positive note, though, I also found Rose’s birth certificate in the same binder. This indicates that an actual copy of the Ficcara birth certificate exists in America (somewhere…). I need a fresh copy anyways, so this doesn’t really change the course of action for me. But, at least I can be sure I’m requesting the correct information, it’s a nice boost in confidence.

Costs for a new West Virginia birth certificate are the same as before, will be $0.44 to send the request, $12.00 to get the doc.

Total cost for this stage: $12.44

Total cost so far: $186.57