Back when we were still assembling the yearly Great Blue Heron flyers by hand, we always threw a yearly party between winter and spring to get together and produce the mailer. Even though we now started outsourcing the mailer, we still get together around the same period for some social time, and what better holiday to do it then St. Patty’s Day?

Even better, why not for St. Patty’s Day when our favorite Celtic fusion band, the Town Pants, are in town?

So Nate and I packed up the Mini and headed North.


We stopped at Julie’s parents’ house for a potluck and stuffed our faces with lots of food and beer before heading to the venue. The ‘Pants played two sets, and listening to Irish drinking songs was a perfect way to spend St. Patrick’s eve.

After the show, we wandered around Jamestown a little bit before heading back to the Heron. We had full spirit to start a bonfire, but it was 16 degrees out and we were running low on sleep, so we had an early night on Julie’s floor.


I just got a new GoPro, so I’m going to try to make more recap videos like this: