The Skvarla Wedding was far away in Indiana, so there wasn’t much opportunity for most of our friends to make it to the ceremony. It only seemed fitting that we throw a legendary party back home to celebrate the newlyweds.

One thing we know how to do is throw a legendary party.

Between the moon bounce, the gorilla punch, the fireworks, the 2500 watt sound system, the roasted pig and the wedding cake, a legendary party it was indeed.

I should note that there were some casualties (mostly mine).

  • My sound system – One of the PA speakers suffered a blown-out LF driver that will need to be replaced. Guess we played Don’t Stop Believin’ one too many times.
  • My camera UV filter – Some how got a crack in the UV filter on my camera. Should only be about $20 to replace, but still, casualty none the less.
  • My finger – Got three stitches in my middle right finger from a rogue piece of picture frame glass mixed in with wedding decorations.

Also, I’m not sure who decided to take a chomp out of the Styrofoam-core wedding cake with their mouth, but I’m sure you got whatever you deserved by getting a mouth full of packing foam.