I’m proudly as close to a brother-in-law as I will ever be.


Last weekend, on Sunday, August 15th, Sarah Singleton became betrothed to one of my best friends, Michael Skvarla. I was proud to be a member of the groom’s party, and dare I say, I looked rather dashing in my tux along side of 5 of my best friends.  😉

The wedding was held in La Porte, Indiana, a little lake town, surrounded by the expansive countryside of the midwest. The ceremony was beautiful, simple and meaningful (albeit very hot to be in 5 layers of clothing).

My friends and I shared a rather wild hotel room and in true rock star fashion, we almost got ‘asked to leave’ on multiple occasions. Perhaps it was the pyramid we constructed out of beer cans on the window seal, but I’ll never quite know for sure.

I had the casual freedom to be the unofficial photographers (knowing that the paid photogs would get the important shots), so I took my time and pleasure in getting some very nice portrait shots of some of the wedding party and others (see below).

I’m unbelievably happy for the new family and I can’t wait for Uncle Smarto to start corrupting the little Skivvy juniors!