Our annual journey to the Sirna family reunion was a little longer than usual. Typically, we have the reunion at Rocky Gap State Park in Maryland, but this year’s coordinator lives in the beautiful, quiet (and remote) town of Rock Hall, MD.

Mom, Doug, my grandmother and I made the journey to Rock Hall in my little Toyota, and got in town just in time for an all-you-can-eat crab feast.

Our whole family had a good time during the two day reunion. Saturday morning, the bed and breakfast we stayed at (Swan Haven Inn, highly recommended) had its own kayaks, so Mom and Doug took a double kayak out, and I took out a single, surprising my rowing muscles since they haven’t been used in a few months.

Saturday afternoon rolled around for the festivities, but the record breaking heat wave that struck the Eastern. Needless to day, by the time the sun went down, the entire family was pretty dehydrated. Despite only have a few beers, I felt incredibly hungover – I now won’t disbelieve when someones says the old adage “when you are hungover, you just dehydrated”. I should have brought some Pedialtye.

Most of our immediate family showed up for the event, granted I look disgusting (only pair of shorts I was smart enough to bring were my swim trunks, and the hideous white flip-flops with the floral pattern were legitimately the manliest set of flip-flops Walgreen’s had to offer):

Over the bay, we finished the day by watching a moonrise: