I was dreading the search for Marriage License Applications, but it they weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be.

My parents and grandparents’ certificates were easy. I called the circuit courts/county clerks of both Allegheny County, MD and Mineral County, WV. All I had to do was write them a letter with what I wanted, drop in a check ($5.50 for MD, $6.00 for WV), and mail it off.

The great-grandparents, well that’s a little tougher.

The Sirnas were married in 1924, and as you may suspect, the records aren’t readily available at the county court house. They reside (if they even exist) in the Maryland State Archives.

The process is simple, but expensive. You pay for an hour of research, they try to find your document. In this case, it will cost me $35.00 for them to look for the document. If they find it, I get my certified copy in 8-10 weeks. If not, I get a certified letter of no-records. I am hoping this would be sufficient for the consulate. Crossing fingers.

Total cost of this step: $47.82

  • Mineral County, WV: ($6.00 + $0.44 postage)
  • Allegheny County, MD: ($5.50 + $0.44 postage)
  • Maryland State Archives: ($35.00 + $0.44 postage)

Total cost so far: $225.03

UPDATE (August 3, 2010): I received the West Virginia Marriage License Application, no problems. The Allegheny County Applications came back as regular certificates (meaning we now technically have 4 copies of my parent’s marriage certificate, as I’m still helping my mother complete the process too). Had a brief conversation today with Kim from the Allegheny County Circuit Court and she told me she’d send the correct document free of charge.