The big news of the week on the dual-citizenship front is the that my shotgunning approach worked; I have finally received a copy of Sam’s birth certificate from Naso, Italy.

If you already didn’t have a sense of Italian bureaucracy, this will give you a good hint. This uber-official birth certificate is all handwritten:

But its here. It is in my hands. Its a tremendous victory, and probably the most uncertain part of this whole process, so time to more forward.

In light of the last correspondence I had with the Philadelphia Consulate, here are the remaning documents that I need:

  • Sam’s Naturalization Certificate
  • Great-Grandparent’s Marriage License Application
  • Grandparent’s Marriage License Application
  • Parent’s Marriage License Application
  • Mom’s Birth Certificate.

With the exception of Mom’s birth certificate, which is only not here because I’ve procrastinated something I assume will be very easy and quick, these are documents which I either thought I had access to or did not need at the beginning of this process. They are all new pursuits, bringing to total number of required documents for this process to 18.