This weekend was the official opening of the Pittsburgh Public Market.

The PPM was heavily promoted throughout the Pittsburgh Blagosphere (Pittsburgh Mom, Living Pittsburgh, Burgilicious, Glitzburgh, Urban Out, and just about every other Pittsburgh food blog worth mentioning), so I was highly anticipating strolling though the array of food and craft vendors.

While making an honest and high quality attempt to be an expansive collection of diverse, local vendors, I was a little disappointed – though this is probably because of my pretentiously recollected experiences from London’s Borough Market.

The stands were all very small, underspecialized, and didn’t offer anything I couldn’t find elsewhere in the Strip District. There was only one of everything, which muted the ‘bustling market’ feel I was hoping for. There was one olive oil vendor, one meat vendor, one coffee vendor, one Indian food vendor (and no cheese vendor). You are better off going to Pennsylvania Macaroni Company and Stamoolis (or actually, Giant Eagle, sadly) to find most of these products.

Still, I caution myself not to chastise. This is an honest attempt at building up the Pittsburgh culinary scene with some fresh ingredients, and is a welcome addition that utilizes the historic but decaying Produce Terminal Building that’s been around longer than most of us. I’m hoping that slowly, this organization will grow to support more vendors offering a competitive selection of local goods. It’s comforting to know that everything in the Public Market is sourced local, and while the spectacle isn’t wasn’t I was hoping for, I’m please to see there is ample room to grow this in to a Strip District staple.