I got the invite from my Skilletation Nation friends to come up for the Purple Pig Music Festival in Naples, New York. It was in the backyard of my amigos from the North, though it was a good five hour drive for me. Totally worth it.


It was bitterly cold those nights, or maybe I just forgot that it was late September and didn’t pack accordingly. I chose to forgo the tent and camp in my (aptly named) Mini, and every bone in my spine regretted that choice. Still, for as cold as it was (and as under-prepared as I happened to be), I was thankful for the option to start the car up every once in a while and blast some heat.


The Purple Pig is a small startup fest, and in it’s second year, only drew around 1000 guests. But this grassroots nature of the festival made it seem intimate and sublime. Naples, nested in a cove of mountains at the base of Canandaigua lake, is idyllic and beautiful. Complimented by the beautiful turning of the leaves and pink-hued sunsets, I felt sure this was the prettiest place in the world to spend a weekend.


At night, I escaped some of the hustle and took some photos by myself. The corn fields and rolling hills made for some eerie and awesome night shots.


Of course, the best part of any music festival, big or small, is the people you go with. And I went with some of the best. My Finger Lake friends are truly awesome people with big hearts. They always seems to catalyze a crazy party and make everyone feel welcome! 


Last I heard, Joe Schenk, the owner and awesome guy, was planning on having the festival in August next year, which would be a welcome change. But either way, I can’t recommend the event enough! It’s a great way to get a big experience from a small festival!