Saturday, our last full day in Paris. The week seemed to go so slow and so fast at the same time, slow in that we really did a lot of things in a short week, but fast because time always flies when you get a short amount of time with someone important to you.

Valerie’s mom recommended that we visit Sainte-Chapelle before we leave, and it was awe-inspiring. Sainte-Chapelle is famous for it’s beautiful, highly detailed and ancient stained glass. We were lucky to catch it on a sunny day:

Also, a little last memory of Paris had a great dependence on luck. Earlier in the week, we had found a little pink (Val claims that it’s red) padlock lying on the street (right in the middle of sidewalk on Rue Monge). Val said we should put in on the bridges with the other padlocks. So we took it home and I used a cork screw to carve our names on it. We took it on Saturday to the bridge between the Louvre and the L’Académie Française, and stuck it in a little corner.

Valerie and I had one last dinner in Mouffetard (it was at Le Saint – Medard, average bistro), and packed for home.

The next morning, we had to sadly part ways. The dark ride to Charles De Gaulle was long and lonely, and the security to get back to the states was absolutely dreadful. One flight from CDG to PIT, but I had my bags searched twice, my body patted down by a large black man, my shoes off three times (including, no joke, an additional full security check at Pittsburgh, my final destination), my passport looked at 5 times, and my bags checked, claimed, rechecked and reclaimed (literally, I only had one flight but I had to recheck my bags between the Pittsburgh’s international and land-side terminal. Stupid terrorists and their underwear bombs.

I really did have one of the best weeks of my life though, and it will be absolutely unforgettable. Valerie made the week amazing for me, and I owe her a great deal of love and gratitude.