Tuesday, after another delightful Mouffetard breakfast, we had high ambitions of attending the Musée d’Orsay, which is a museum in Paris that specializes in impressionist paintings. However, upon arrival around 1pm, and sighting a ghastly long queue (we estimated it was over an hour just to get the tickets), we abandoned the venture and decided to go randomly amble around Paris – something everyone should do a few times upon visiting.

Crossing the first bridge, we noticed that there was a slew of tiny padlocks attached to the meshed fencing on the bridge:

(note Valerie standing in the background)

After posting pictures of this on Facebook, I had my friend Melde inform me that was a Russian custom, but upon a little further research, the padlocks of love seem to have started in the 1980’s in the Hungarian city of Pécs.

We ended up wandering much of the rest of the day, and it was very pleasant not having anything to do in this city. We eventually went on a small mission to buy Valerie a French SIM card. After that, we ended up sitting down a bench and watching the sun set by the Tuileries Garden fountain (romantic, no?).

As night fell, I grabbed some long-term exposure shots of some Parisian buildings, including Notre Dame. We also took a stroll around the inside of Notre Dame, lit a candle and sat and enjoyed the building. I’ve always loved big Cathedrals, a surprising result of my torturous nine years spend in Catholic school.

Before heading home, we met up with Valerie’s friends Prith and Andrew for a quick bite to eat on the same little Greek-restaurant street where we had dinner on Sunday. We ate at a little restaurant that I cannot remember the name of, but the food was decent (Val had a rump steak, I had escargot and pasta). We ended up walking about 9 miles that day, bringing the total for the week to about 30. (At this point, our ambling becomes untraceable, and we give up on calculating.)