Back in my Italian Birth Records post, I described the process in which I wrote letters in Italian to procure Italian birth records of Sam and Rose, but I made a big error that needs to be corrected.

I assumed that both Sam and Rose were from Naso, but that is not true. I have received a letter from one of our family-history buffs, and the letter states that “[the Ridolfo’s] were born in Ficarra, Messina, Italy. Ficarra is a little village a couple of hills over from Naso.”

So I have rewrote the letter, this time addressing it to the Civil Status Office in Ficarra. I’m not totally sure there is one, but the town is so tiny, the post will probably know where to send it. So the total cost will be $0.98 for the international letter, and another 2 x $2.10 for the International Reply Coupons.

Total cost of this step: $5.18

Total cost so far: $148.19

At this point, while we are talking about Ficarra, I want to show you why I’m in love with Italy.

This is my great-grandmother’s town as it stands today – Ficarra:

Thank you giovanni66it for the photo.

And this is where my great-grandfather is from, Naso:

Thank you ivanb1086 for the photo.

Much of Messina stands today as it did a century ago, with it’s brilliant terra cotta roofs, quiet streets, rolling mountains and gentle, loving people. Some day soon, I will have this passport, and even if that fails, I’m still visiting as an American. Either way, I have to smell my homeland.