Before I let Valerie go back to London for another 5 months, I had to get her out of the house for a little while, so we took a drive down to my old stomping grounds in Western Maryland. On the way, we stopped to admire the Ohiopyle falls. We got to bask in the 80 degree weather, and I got to snap some really pretty pictures of Val:

And after our Ohiopyle visit, we stopped in at the Christian W. Klay Winery near Uniontown, PA. Valerie, now 21, was able to do a wine tasting for the first time. She is a fan of very sweet wines, ended up picking Spiced Apple wine and Berry Mist sparkling wine.

With a car full of wine and suitcases, we made our way down to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland (my childhood vacation destination). We grabbed a drink and pizza at the Honi Honi Bar before checking in for the night at the Will O’ The Wisp hotel. After a good night’s rest, we decided to go tackle the wild outdoors, starting at Swallow Falls State Park. The park has some huge waterfalls, and I got some nice shots there too.

After enjoying the waterfalls, we took a trip to my childhood campground, Blue Lick by New Germany State Park. Though my little Toyota Matrix really wasn’t a fan of going where no Garmin had gone before:

Also,  there was a World War II B-52 bomber that had crashed nearby. I remembered hearing about it years ago, so before I left I found the Wikipedia Article of the 1964 Savage Mountain B-52 Crash. The article had coordinates for it, but it wasn’t terribly accurate. When we went to visit with out GPS, we had to hike around a farmers field awhile until we started to see old plane parts. The government apparently never cleaned up much of the wreck, and we came across one of the old tires:

The Deep Creek Lake area is one of the most-fun places within day-trip distance from Pittsburgh. Val and I had a great time, and you should check it out too.