It’s hard to believe that no matter how much I like to travel, and even though it is only 6 hours away, I’ve never been to NYC in my life. So, to get away for a weekend, I bought a $45 dollar Megabus ticket and a hotel room in Manhattan and skipped Pittsburgh for a weekend.

I met up with my friend Brenna (Westmoreland County native currently going to MIT in Boston) and she joined me for some exploration.

Friday night was mostly recovery from the 8 hour bus ride, but we did manage to get out and explore Times Sqaure, get a piece of cheesecake from Juniors, and after a search for a divey, dirty, New York Bar, we were treated with an experience at Smith’s. In the morning, we wanted to get breakfast in Brooklyn, so we took the train under the river to load up on quite possibly the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever had at New York Muffins – which consisted of a big wheat bagel, loaded up with cream cheese, pesto, avocado, and tomato. #epicbreakfast

After the breakfast, we headed over to the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art. Modern art museums are generally hit or miss with me but I have never enjoyed a museum more than I did at the MoMA. I got to see Dali and Ernst (I’m a growing fan of surrealism art), I got to see a Typography exhibit (coming from the man with 1,500 fonts on his computer, you can imagine this was a win for me), and every exhibit was intriguing and entertaining. You definitely need more than 3 hours to appreciate the MoMA.

After getting some great Thai food, we explored Central Park a bit before heading back to the hotel for a quick rest. But after heading back out in to the night, we started getting really curious about seeing a Broadway show. We strolled around a few theaters’ box offices, but no rush tickets were available. Defeated, we headed back to Times Sqaure to discover the TKTS Discount Booth that was selling last minute tickets to many of the shows. The most popular show that was still available was Mamma Mia, so we spent $70 per ticket and got to see my first Broadway Play.

After the show, we headed back to Smith’s for a second time before crashing at the hotel. The next morning, we packed and just before leaving town, I took an hour in the B&H Photo Video Superstore. Those that know me well know that few things could be more intoxicating than a display of every possible piece of photography, video, audio and lighting technology. Heaven’s warehouse.

My first exposure to New York City awakened me to a few truths. I’ve never craved having a living situation with extreme walk-ability more, and I relished the lifestyle of walking/tubing around a city. Compared to a mostly sedentary life in my daily commute, I envy those that are forced to go outside, get exercise and air, and live in a colorful city like NYC. I hope that at one point of my life, I get to life somewhere that vibrant before I inevitably retire in the woods somewhere.

Here is a video I made of my trip:

I would go back in a heart beat, and I’m sure I’ll be taking many more weekends in NYC before settling down, so if you ever want to split a hotel, get in touch with me and lets go!