Summer is here, and after what turned out to be one of the longest and coldest winters of my life, I was anxious to get some outside time. I was able to pack kayaking, quad-riding, off-roading, and frisbee all in to a weekend. After being on the road for the past three weekends, I was in need of some unscheduled time outside.

On Saturday, we had some high hopes of going off-roading with the trucks but it didn’t quite pan out like I hoped it would. We got all of our gear loaded in case of an impromptu overnighter, and drove up in to the Laurel Highlands. But after we got some off-roading time in, we had let too much of the daylight slip away to find an unimproved camping spot. Every developed campground was as undesirable as they were full due to the Memorial Day rush, so we packed it in and turned the evening in to another backyard Skvarla Party.


On Sunday, Rachel and I went kayaking in North Park. For living so close to the area, it was my first time up there, and I was surprised at the scope and openness of the 3,000 acre park. We rented single kayaks through Venture Outdoor’s Kayak Pittsburgh, and spent several hours just cruising around the lake shore. We were able to get pretty close to some wildlife, including the gorgeous Blue Heron pictured above. We spent about 3 hours on the water and finished the night at Patrón, the new Mexican restaurant the opened near the apartment.


Sunday, after playing some more frisbee, Rachel embarked back towards Rochester, and the Kurt, Jake, and I got some good quad riding in. We invented a new sport to play (though name is pending, leave a comment at the bottom with a good suggestion please). The goal of the game is to have one player (the pitcher) to throw a frisbee down a long, descending field, while the catcher races on the ATV to catch-up and grab the disc. We’re still deciding on rules and teams. Kurt is the current reining champion.

20140526-02My new (old) Honda Rancher, destined for a muddy future with me.

If you want to go out quad riding with us some weekend, just drop me a note and we’ll go get muddy. Happy Memorial Day!