In the states, its inconceivable to plan an entire day around a trip to the grocery store, but Friday morning, the whole point of our journey was to take a trip to Harrods.

Harrods is a luxury department store that sells everything. The everything I refer to includes: clothes, puppies, candy, produce, meats, stereo systems, cigars, laptops, 150,000 pound chandeliers, jewelry, wine, photography equipment and so one.

It’s the Wal*Mart for the rich.

But despite the extraordinarily expensive clothing and jewelery, the food is high quality, with a huge selection of very affordable items:

If their food looks good, imagine what their sweets look like:

Of course, if you are hungry in the store, you can eat at one of the dozen food bars, like this seafood counter/restaurant:

When your stomach is full, you can shop for these exotic items:

After being shopped out, Valerie and I took the Underground to Covent Garden for lunch. We ended up having Udon noodles at Wagamama, a cafeteria-style restaurant serving Thai/Japanese cuisine.

Valerie and I decided we should look in to getting dessert after, and as we walked out of Wagamama, she said “There is a patisserie with my name on it!”

It was actually a really good place for dessert, so we got an apple tart and some ice creams. (PS – Tiramsu ice cream is my new favorite)