Thursday was a voyage to London’s east end. The main goal of the day was to get to the Borough Market, but we stopped at a few places on our way to and from the market – like the St. Paul’s Cathedral, pictured above.

In the morning, we crossed a bridge and looked east to the Tower Bridge, knowing we’d eventually end up there. We stopped in at the Tate Modern museum next.

Valerie and I have traveled a lot together, and despite our many differences, we have decided one thing for sure: We don’t like modern art.

The Tate Modern is a free museum dedicated to modern art. We saw some recognizable pieces, namely some Picassos and some Warhols, but most of the art was akin to a melted ball of clay splooged on the ground. We applauded it’s simplicity, deciding that when we retired, we could probably make some money off some artistic schmucks by making art out of candle wax and bottle caps.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

The Borough Market is the Pittsburgh Strip District on steroids. It has dozens upon dozens of vendors selling everything from rare vegatable, cheeses, meats, fish, olives, wine, beer and damn near every other delicious item on the planet.

Valerie and I made lunch for ourselves piecewise by buying a real English muffin, a cinnamon roll, some fruit juice, some Comte cheese (our favorite from Paris), and I finished it all off with a beer (no open bottle law in London).

After that, Valerie and I wandered over to the Tower Bridge. Everyone thinks the Tower Bridge is called London Bridge (think of the Nursery Rhyme), but actually, the London Bridge is actually a very boring automobile bridge. The Tower Bridge is pictured below,  in Super-Smarto-HDR mode.

After that, we headed home to enjoy a quiet dinner of pizza and wine, having walked another 11 miles Thursday.

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