Okay, I admit it. I had no idea what weather to expect in London. I should have looked on the intertubes, but my failure in foresight led to a pretty fun adventure.

Saying London is chilly doesn’t really explain it. The weather here changes quickly. It seems like so far, I’ve experienced all four seasons. In the sun, you feel sweaty in a T-shirt, and in the shade, you are reaching for your jacket. Unfortunately, the typical Smarto wardrobe selection of plain-colored-T’s and jeans didn’t cut it.

So we went shopping on Oxford street. Valerie suggest Primark (pictured above). Primark was easily the most crowded store I’ve ever been in, and it probably has something to do with each of their thousands of items of clothing being priced extraordinarily low. For example, I got a new sweater for £3 GBP. That’s roughly $4.50 dollars for a garment of reasonable quality. Cheaper and more fashionable than Wal*Mart, it’s no wonder that Americans look like fat slobs standing next to Europeans.

After our shopping, me and Val went to Hyde Park to bask in the sunlight.

London is full of a lot of large parks, usually surrounding a large palace or government building. They are a nice break from the urban sprawl, and usually have plenty of activities. You can rent lawn chairs at Hyde Park:

Any trip to London wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory views from outside Buckingham Palace.

Walking away from Buckingham Palace, we strolled in to Piccadilly Circus, a neighborhood that houses most of London’s theatrical community.

After getting our tickets for Avenue Q (front row for £19.50 each, thanks to the will-call window), we stopped for a drink at this little bar:

There was a North Korea vs. Brazil soccer game on, and the crowd was a bit rowdy over it, much to our enjoy enjoyment. Valerie and I had a few drinks, I had a very manly Mojito, Valerie enjoyed a Seabreeze. After that, we crossed the street and settled down in the front row for Avenue Q, which was completely hilarious. It was an excellent show, and sitting front row, I did my normal geek-out over all the technical theater stuff.

It was a great day, we covered about a dozen miles, here is our tracklog: