The Quintessential Photo from London

Dateline: London, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom. I’m still not really sure the difference between all of these yet.

I’m here to visit Valerie as she continues her long boycott of the United States (she calls it studying abroad).

London is a wonderful a city full of culture and things to do. It’s bustling with people and activities and I don’t think a person could ever get bored here. The greatest thing about London is that it’s a full European experience without the language barrier… mostly. Although the average person here speaks English, the UK English dialect is spoken so fast that it’s often hard to perceive anyways.

Left to right: London Eye, Valerie, Parliament, Big Ben

I arrived at London’s 7am, Pittsburgh’s 2am, so having only slept about an hour on the flight, I was exhausted. So Val and I took it easy and just wandered around her campus, eventually ending up down at the River Thames.

Even the graffiti is pretty badass in London

Big brother is always watching you in London. Cameras are absolutely everywhere, sometimes covering telephone poles.It makes you feel safe but I can imagine it'd eventually feel intrusive.

Soccer (football) is huge here, I’m fortunate to have come during the FIFA World Cup, Now I’m definitely not a huge soccer fan, but when Serbia is defeated by Ghana, apparently street vendors will give you this wonderful Ghanian meal for two for only 2 GBP:

Valerie asked what I wanted to do while I was in London, and I only had one must-do: I had to visit Abbey Road Studios.

I’m not the biggest Beatles fan in the world, but their cultural impact was greater than almost any politician’s, and it seemed right to go make a pilgrimage to the site where they recorded most of their world-changing materiel.

Museums in London are free, or at least funded by taxes, so on a whim, we decided to check out a British Science museum. There were lots of impressive artifacts (the Apollo 10 command module, a Saturn 5 rocket engine, etc), but Valerie had to take a picture of me explaining the basic tenants of a multistage steam turbine like it’s my job since, well… it’s my job.

More posts to follow…