I’ve grown to have a real preference for festivals like Blue Heron and events at Ledges because of their size. When a festival has about 3,000-8,000 people, it’s large enough to meet new people, provide new experiences, and draw some descent talent, but small enough that you don’t get overwhelmed in the flurry of glow stick juice and sin. (Not that glow stick juice and sin are always bad things).

I’ve been to a few fests at Ledges, but my new favorite is the ClassicFest, where the entire weekend is jam-packed with cover bands of classic acts like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd (performed by Kashmir and Several Species, respectively.

The night before we left, with a fully packed RV, we noticed that the RV was gushing coolant on to my driveway. I called DPM and we agreed that either the coolant pump or its gasket was leaking. Perhaps in the most miraculous of auto repair jobs, I swooped to two different Advanced Auto Parts to get a new coolant pump, gaskets, and thermostat in a matter of an hour or two, and over the next three hours, Kurt, DPM and myself (mostly watching), changed the pump, gasket, and stuffed everything back in to the engine compartment. By midnight, Bober and I were on the road. (Kurt and DPM would later meet us up there.) Arriving at 3am, we got ushered to RV parking and immediately crashed. Long day.

With plenty of barley-infused rations, we tackled the weekend and had a killer time. Ledges has a certain magic to it, a combination of the quarry, the music, and the people, and if you catch only one Ledges festival, make it ClassicFest.