Our end of summer tradition has always been the International Village Food Festival held at Renzie Park in McKeesport. It’s a delightful way to end the summer, stuffing our faces with a variety of traditional ethnic dishes. This year, I enjoyed a 3 course meal, starting with German Spaetzle, Lebanese Fallefel and some random fried ice cream. I also grabbed an orange snow cone.

If you’re in the area next summer during the middle of August, it’s worth a stop. A party of about 10 of us wound up there this year. There is a variety of ethnic music and dances on the main stage, a fireworks display on the final night (typically a Thursday), and a smorgasbord of very affordable cultural food. Lebanese, Slovakian, Hungarian, African, Thai, and damn near every other type of ethnic food you can think of can be found at the festival. Let us know if you want to go next year.

Some German Spaetzle from the International Food Festival.

Some German Spaetzle from the I.V.F.F.