I have 4 more documents to procure from Maryland, so in order to save on postage and hassle, I’m going to combine them all in to one package.

My Maternal Grandfather’s (William’s) Birth Certificate – On the marriage license, it says he was born in Cumberland, Maryland, even though his family is from West Virginia. I keep running in to little situations like that because the small towns across the river in WV rely on hospitals and cemeteries in Maryland. To confirm he was in fact born in Maryland, I have checked the West Virginia Vital Records search page again, and did not find a birth entry for William, even though all of his known brother’s had a record, as well as his parents.

The Maryland form asked his mother’s maiden name, of which I wasn’t sure. All I knew was her first name, Edna, because it was printed on the marriage license. But I searched for the death of Edna and found her death record which pointed to hr maiden name.

William’s Death Certificate – Bill’s death occurred in 1996 so information like his funeral home, death date, etc. was still known in the family, so this form was filled out by placing a quick phone call to my mother.

My Mother’s Birth Certificate – The birth certificate of a living person in simple. I knew most of the information by memory (you had better know your mom’s birthday!), so I just needed to quickly ask her which hospital she was born in. Turns out that we were both born in Memorial Hospital in Cumberland.

My Birth Certificate – I know more about me than anyone else 🙂

And with that, I can package this all up and send it to Baltimore!

A major annoyance I have with the Maryland Vital Record’s system is that they ask you to include a stamped and addressed return envelope. I find this highly annoying because in order to get your documents back without being creased, you would need to send a large manila envelope like pictured below. This requires you to either send an even bigger envelop to contain it, or in my case, fold the return envelope in half. I’m worried that that big crease will unintentionally cause the documents to bend at that point on the return trip. Maryland and Ohio have much better policies, simply folding in return postage costs in to the document request fees. Point is, make sure you read the fine print.

In Maryland, both birth and death certificates cost $12.00 (so I had to write a check for $48.00). Postage  is  $1.22 for everything, plus $1.05 for the return envelope. I will confirm at the post office if that should be sufficient, and these will be in tomorrows post!!!

Total cost of this step: ($1.22 + $1.05) + (4 documents x $12) = $50.27

Total cost so far: $121.51