Last night, I caught Donna the Buffalo when the rolled through Pittsburgh on their seemingly never-ending tour of the Eastern Standard time zone.

The show was in one of my favorite spaces in Pittsburgh, Mr. Smalls. I got to see a new artist I haven’t heard of before, Hoots and Hellmouth. I am going to explore their discography a little more and then write a blog post about them in the future.

I’ve seen Donna the Buffalo probably 5 times now, and they never disappoint. For me, for as melodious as Jeb’s guitar sounds, and as tight and punch as Tara’s vocals sound, for me the signature icing on the Donna cake is their Hammond B3 and Leslie. That organ makes the music sing for me, it has been and always will be my favorite element of DtB.

I had the pleasure of enjoying Kristen’s company, and it was a good show. Couldn’t tell if the sounded more sober than they did at Heron, or maybe I was just more sober.