Big storms rolling through Western, PA pushed us to my hometown of Cumberland, MD to find some sunshine. I lived there until I was about 9, and it’s nice to detour through town to appreciate it as an adult.

We climbed the Cumberland Narrows up over the north ridge; not a maintained trail by any means but trafficked enough to find our way. Took turns holding the dogs far enough from the edge to keep them out of peril. At the top of the Narrows is Lover’s Leap, which has a Romeo and Juliet-esque backstory, link below for more.

We also encountered our new friend Todd Ashelman tackling the green wall of Locust Grove. The 10B was a little too daunting for us, and we had no gear anyways, but we got some cool video of his climb. It’s fulfilling to meet like-minded folks out there enjoying the open air. Todd is also a fellow RV’er, so we had plenty to catch up on.

Todd wanted me to remind everyone that this is not an amateur route, especially solo, so it should not be attempted without sufficient experience.

Also, big-ups to Jo Ann for her hospitality and hydration!