Merry Christmas (Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc.) and happy New Year! I’ve been so involved with my side project, Mystery Tricycle, that I haven’t gotten to put much content on shutterBURGH recently. But it was a fun Christmas at the Smarto household, so here are some highlights.

Val and I made a gingerbread house on a random whim one evening (influenced by the gingerbread mold stuck at the bottom of our Christmas boxes and the flowing Woodford Reserve that has become a new Smarto holiday tradition).


Note the conspicuous whiskey bottle lurking in the background.

This is clearly a work of art. Note the craftsmanship I dedicated to making an mailbox out of a Starburst chew.

Instead of more conventional Christmas gifts to each other, Val and I decided to rent a cabin in Mt. Lookout, WV to do some hiking and sightseeing. We got the chance to see some scenic waterfalls, get chased by dogs, and stop at a craft store. To earn some man points though, we got a few miles of hiking in.

Of course, most of the Christmas break was spent in Level Green with the family, and Lumen finally learned how to open gifts.