Paris #5: Happy New Year

Thursday – New Years Eve. The feeling in Paris is pretty electric, people are hopping around on the streets (carefully avoiding the heaping piles of dog poo everywhere, apparently, in Paris you just don’t have to pick up after your pets’ poo.)

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Paris #4: The Louvre

Wednesday, we had planned to visit the Louvre. It was the only day of the trip that we had sorta planned ahead of time, simply because the Louvre is closed on Tuesday, and open late on Wednesday.

The queue for the Louvre was horrendous, weaving literally over a quarter of a mile around corners and doorways (see Valerie’s queue post). It took us around 80 minutes to get through, but luckily the queue weaved inside of the Louvre courtyard, so there was plenty of fascinating French architecture to adore.

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Paris #3: Locks of Love

Tuesday, after another delightful Mouffetard breakfast, we had high ambitions of attending the Musée d’Orsay, which is a museum in Paris that specializes in impressionist paintings. However, upon arrival around 1pm, and sighting a ghastly long queue (we estimated it was over an hour just to get the tickets), we abandoned the venture and decided to go randomly amble around Paris – something everyone should do a few times upon visiting.

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Paris #2: Ode to Climbing a Mile

Our second full day in Paris, Monday, we discovered a market street called Mouffetard (on a tip from my boss, Amy). It’s a lot like Pittsburgh’s Strip District, but favors very small family-owned stores and vendors. We wanted breakfast, so we bought a baguette and some cheese from our new friend, who shall be now known as L’homme de Fromage (Cheese Man). Valerie asked him in French if he had a recommendation for a French cheese, he had us try Comte, and it was delicious. This is what vendors on the street market look like:

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Paris #1: Waking Up In Paris

It was the shortest night of my life.

Flying in to the future is something a seasoned traveler probably gets used to, but still when I fly, my brain gets a little confused when it sees the sun coming up when it should be only 3am. I could not sleep, it was simply impossible. Though, Air France was a wonderful carrier, and I geeked out over getting to track our progress as we made our way to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

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