My name is Nick.

I am a 30 year-old Pittsburgher, photographer, musician, engineer, and writer.

I was born in LaVale, MD, but spent most of my life in Pittsburgh. I’m a Carnegie Mellon University grad (Mechanical Engineering 2009 + MBA 2015) and currently work at Google.

I travel to music festivals all around the country (in the RV I bought for that purpose), I’m an avid backpacker and hiker, and I’ll do just about anything outdoors. I’m also a devout volunteer at The Great Blue Heron Music Festival .

I like taking photos, making music, chunky Guacamole, spinning vinyl, off-roading, on-roading, climbing, motorcycles, camping, backpacking, and pretty much anything outdoors.


About This Blog

I started writing the predecessor to this blog in high school, which evolved in to a forum for my friends and I to exchange some conversation (remember, this was the pre-Facebook dark ages). After I graduated from high school, I started to gain a stronger interest in travel, and picked up photography.  I started to blog about little trips and photos I’ve taken and now I write here on ShutterBurgh. It serves as a personal journal that I use to stay connected with friends and family, and I can’t wait to read it all again sometime when the hair on my head is a bit grayer.

BS Mechanical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

Masters of Business Administration
Tepper School of Business
Carnegie Mellon University

Google Retail Solutions Consultant
gTech Channel Intelligence
May 2013 to present

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