I had the distinct pleasure in participating the wedding proposal from my dear friend Adam to his lovely soon-to-be bride, Krista. Adam had been mentioning a musical wedding proposal for months, but the idea came to fruition rapidly over the last two weeks.

We started with composing the music on the piano and moving it in to Abelton Live 8 for mixing and mastering. Adam’s brother, Kevin, recorded our guitar part, and we spent hours trying to get every section and tempo just right. We had a few dance and vocal rehearsals, that despite not earning us a spot on Broadway, got us ready for Krista. On the big day, we coordinated time with Adam and got all of the wireless microphones, suits and champagne, flowers, speakers, and cameras ready for the big moment. It all came together flawlessly:

Special thanks to Tim Roberts for helping with videography.

Congrats to my dear friends! Adam and I have been best friends since freshmen year of high school, making one of the longest friendships of my life. We’re so glad to welcome Krista to part of our group (in a formal sense anyway, she’s been that way for years). Congrats you two!